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    Refinancement de crédit immobilier

    Airbnb has an initiative with Fannie Mae and four lenders to help hosts refinance their mortgages. Hosts in the U.S. will be able to work with participating lenders to recognize Airbnb home sharing income from their primary residence as part of their mortgage refinancing application. The mortgage lenders in the initiative are Quicken Loans and Better Mortgage.

    How it works

    • U.S. hosts can apply to refinance their existing mortgage with Quicken Loans or Better Mortgage. Their existing mortgages don’t need to be with any of these providers.
    • All hosts who have the U.S. listed as their primary country of residence and have one or more active Airbnb listings are invited to apply for a mortgage refinancing with the participating lenders. Specific eligibility requirements and approval will be determined by each lender.
    • When you apply, include your Airbnb Proof of Income with your application. Your Proof of Income allows these lending institutions to consider your Airbnb income when processing your application. Each lending institution may ask for additional information to see if you qualify. Check with your lender to see what documents you’ll need and learn more about using your Proof of Income form.

    How to get started:

    1. Make sure your name, email address, and listing address are up-to-date in your Airbnb account and listing info
    2. Request your Proof of Income
    3. Choose a lender and go to their site: Quicken Loans or Better Mortgage

    Who is eligible?

    All U.S. hosts who own their homes, list their primary residence on Airbnb, and would like to refinance their existing mortgage are invited to apply with any of the participating lenders: Quicken Loans or Better Mortgage. All hosts who have U.S. country of residence and one or more active listings are eligible to access their Proof of Income. Experience hosts and non-U.S. hosts with listings in the U.S. are not currently eligible for the initiative, and therefore can’t access their Proof of Income. Specific eligibility and approval will ultimately be determined by each lender.

    What Airbnb income will the lenders take into account?

    This initiative allows you to use income earned from sharing your primary residence on Airbnb, subject to the discretion of the lender. Each lender has discretion to determine how much Airbnb income they will consider in the application. Refer to your lender for guidance on how they will use income from other Airbnb activities (ex: hosting in non-primary residences, experience hosting, etc.), if at all.

    Can I use this initiative to get a mortgage for a new home purchase?

    At this time, this initiative is for mortgage refinancings of the U.S. host’s primary residence only. Refer to your lender for guidance on how to use Airbnb income in other instances.

    Who determines if I qualify?

    Lenders have sole discretion over application approval decisions. Refer to your lender with any questions on approval decisions.

    How can I get in touch with the approved lenders?

    Quicken Loans
    Customer service number: (877) 456-1426

    Better Mortgage
    Customer service number: (888) 501-3186

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