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    You can read this article in German or English.

    This article provides specific information about local laws that apply to people who host their homes in Dresden. Just like our country article for Germany, it’s your responsibility to verify and comply with any obligations that apply to you as a host. This article can serve as a starting point or place you can come back to if you have questions but it isn’t exhaustive and it doesn’t constitute legal or tax advice. It’s a good idea to check to make sure laws and procedures are current.

    Some of the laws that might affect you are complicated. Contact the City of Dresden directly or consult a local advisor, such as an attorney or tax professional, if you have questions.

    Dresden accommodation tax

    The City of Dresden implemented an accommodation tax on July 1, 2015.

    Collection and payment

    As of January 1, 2019, Airbnb automatically collects accommodation tax and pays it to the city on behalf of hosts when a guest books a listing in Dresden. The accommodation tax will be listed separately in the invoice and added to the total amount.

    In previous years, hosts had to collect the tax themselves.

    Contact the City of Dresden directly if you have more questions about the accommodation tax.

    Tax basis

    The accommodation tax is one fifteenth of the amount a guest owes per night, rounded down to the nearest full Euro cent. Contact the City of Dresden for more information about the tax basis or check the leaflet (in German or English) the City provides for guests.

    Every guest of legal age is who spends the night in Dresden in hotels, inns, guest houses, holiday accommodations, camping sites, or similar places of accommodation is required to pay the accommodation tax unless a tax exemption exists.

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