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    Informations sur le COVID-19
    Pour consulter les options d'annulation et de remboursement, rendez-vous sur votre tableau de bord. Les réservations éligibles dans le cadre de notre Politique relative aux cas de force majeure peuvent être annulées avant l'arrivée, sans pénalités ni conséquences sur votre statut de Superhost.

    Pourquoi dois-je accepter de publier mon annonce de logement uniquement sur Airbnb Plus ?

    Benefits of the program

    Airbnb Plus receives frequent feedback from guests on what they’re looking for in an exceptional stay. That’s why Airbnb Plus invites only the listings and hosts that show the most potential to deliver guests an elevated standard of comfort, style, and hospitality. Once hosts are invited to the program, we invest in them with services designed to help hosts stand out, earn more, and earn great guest reviews, every time.

    The program offers benefits like professional photography and writing services for your listing, interior design advice, and higher visibility to guests.

    Once you publish your listing with Airbnb Plus, we'll provide ongoing services and support to help you maintain the program's high bar for hospitality, quality, and design. To ensure that these investments in home improvements are available only for Airbnb Plus guests, the program requires that your place is available only through the Airbnb Plus program and not listed on other platforms. Working together, your efforts and ours can sustainably support and benefit the global community of Airbnb hosts and guests.

    Exclusive requirements for Airbnb Plus

    After your listing has been published with Airbnb Plus, you agree to:

    • Only accept future reservations for your property on Airbnb or through your own website
    • Remove any listings for your place from other booking websites or services so they’re not visible in search and cannot be booked or shared by non-Airbnb guests
    • Update your calendar availability on Airbnb, unblocking any dates that were previously available to non-Airbnb guests on other booking websites or services

    The requirement to list your place exclusively with Airbnb Plus applies only to Airbnb Plus listings located in the United States of America, Mexico, Indonesia, Thailand, Italy, Denmark, Greece, Croatia, and Poland that have been invited to join Airbnb Plus exclusively.

    Exclusivity period

    After you publish your listing with Airbnb Plus, you agree to not use any other other online service or platform to list, promote, or allow guests to book this property.

    You can choose at any time to leave the Airbnb Plus program. If you choose to opt out, your listing will revert to your original Airbnb listing, along with your existing guest reviews, ratings, and reservations.

    The exclusivity period and requirements don't apply to any other properties listed on Airbnb or properties that haven’t been invited to join Airbnb Plus.

    Leaving the program

    If you opt out or Airbnb Plus finds that your place is listed on other websites, your listing may be removed from Airbnb Plus and you won’t have access to program benefits, such as professional photography and higher visibility to guests.

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