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    Relevant Laws and Regulations in Japan

    We have collected some links and information on relevant laws and regulations in Japan (all of them are external sites) listed in the following, so that you can find a starting point for your inquiry.

    (1) Laws and Regulations on Lodging

    • Here are links to information on the Inns and Hotels Act (a law providing for the conditions under which the hosts need to obtain license and/or permission), its enforcement order and its enforcement ordinance. You can search for various notices (including notices on the Inns and Hotels Act) issued by the Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare here.
      • Here is the revised Inns and Hotels Act promulgated in December 2017.
      • The Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare posts its opinions and views here.
    • You can find information on the Private Lodging Business Act, its enforcement order, its enforcement ordinance, related public notices and guidelines as well as contact numbers of government offices for telephone inquiries compiled here (Website of Japan Tourism Agency). Please also visit the Minpaku System Portal Site set up by Japan Tourism Agency for detailed guidance on the Private Lodging Business Act.
    • Here are links to information on the National Strategic Special Zones Act (a law providing for special cases regarding the Inns and Hotels Act) and its enforcement order.
      • You can find information on prefectural and/or municipal ordinances, etc. regarding the business of lodging service for foreign visitors in the National Strategic Special Zones (in Osaka Prefecture, Osaka City, Ohta Ward in Tokyo, Kitakyushu City, Nigata City and other local areas in Japan) here and on the websites of respective local governments.
    • Here are links to information on the Act on Promotion of Development of Infrastructures for Leisure Stay in Rural Areas (a law on private lodging business for the guests to experience farming, forestry or fishery in rural areas) and its enforcement ordinance.

    (2) Laws and regulations which may apply to the building, etc. in which your listing (listed property) is located

    Please note that information provided above may not be comprehensive and that there may be additional requirements and/or procedures set forth by applicable prefectural and/or municipal ordinances.

    If you have any questions and/or points you find unclear regarding applicability of above-mentioned laws, regulations and other rules to you and/or to your listing, we kindly ask you to directly consult with the competent administrative agency or local government or to seek professional legal advice.

    Airbnb is not responsible for reliability nor for accuracy of information contained in the linked sites (including links regarding laws and regulations).

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