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    A simpler Experience refund policy for the community

    We're updating the Experiences refund policy to better support the Airbnb community.
    Par Airbnb, le 15 juin 2022
    Temps de lecture : 1 min.
    Date de dernière mise à jour : 15 juin 2022

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    We know it’s important to you, as a Host of an Experience, to give your guests amazing hospitality. In the past, if a guest had an issue arise with an Experience, whether in person or online, they could request a refund anytime after the Experience ended.

    We understand that not giving guests a time limit to report issues isn’t ideal for Hosts, so we’re updating our guest refund policy for Experiences. Guests will now have 72 hours after an Experience to submit a refund request if there was a problem. 

    We’ve also simplified the language of the policy to make it clearer. The substance of the policy remains the same. The updated policy applies to bookings made on or after July 15, 2022.

    For more info, you can review our 2022 update.

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    15 juin 2022
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