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Fully furnished kitchen.
Fully furnished kitchen.
  • Living room, TV, and dinning area.  With free high-speed Wifi and free cable TV
  • Fully furnished kitchen.
  • Bathroom with plenty of space and storage
  • King size bed
  • Bedroom with king size bed.
  • Dinning area.
  • Keypad with combination lock.  Combinations are changed out after each guest for added security.
  • Large patio.
  • Community pool.  Open from Memorial Day to Labor Day
  • Pots/Pans and some of the other items in this fully functional kitchen.
  • 1/2 mile from the complex
  • Best hamburger deal in town during happy hour 5 to 6 M to F!  OMG, they are good!  Less than 1/2 mile from the complex.
  • The lake at Shelby Farm.  Rent a canoe or kayak and enjoy the lake.  Hike or mountain bike on one of the many trails. About 2 miles from the complex.
  • Memphis JCC just accross the street.  Includes a 10,000 sqf fitness club, indoor swimming pool, and much more.
  • Greater Memphis Green Line bike and hiking trail.  There is an entry point about two blocks from the complex
  • For fine dinning Ruth Chris is about 1/2 mile away!
  • Most authentic Mexican restaurant in Memphis.  NOT Tex-Mex!  Less than 1/2 mile from the complex.
  • The one and only BBQ, my personal favorite.  Try the BBQ turkey for a nice  change of pace.  Across the street from the complex.
  • Go Krogering right across the street.
  • Dinning area.
  • Authentic New Orleans dinning less than a mile away.  Make mine the craw-fish Etuffee.  On second thought, I will have the Shrimp Creole.
  • Kitchen
  • Kitchen
  • Dining Area
  • Glasses, mugs, coffee maker are just some of the items in this fully stocked kitchen.
  • Mixing bowls, plates and bowls are just some of the items in this fully stocked kitchen.
  • Combination washer/dryer unit.  It both washes and drys launder in one 3 hour cycle.  Put laundry in before you leave for work and come home to a completed load of laundry.
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Fully furnished kitchen.