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Bontoc : bars et vie nocturne

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“Piitik is what Igorots call the intentional spill of the first swig of wine unto the ground. It can be beer, gin or any kind of liquor. The first chug is for the anito, the ancestral spirits. Manong Egbert expertly ferments endemic fruits and berries and they store the wines in a cob cellar. They display their wines all over town, but you might want to buy them straight from the source.”
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“Cellar Door is the home of Cerveza Sagada, a brewed-on-site craft beer. There's an outdoor bar and firepit surrounded by pine trees and a homey indoor section with a fireplace. It's a bit out of town, along the Besao road, on the hill behind Sagada Pottery!”
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“You wouldn't notice it in the daytime (when it's usually closed), but in the evening this small bar is a gathering place for locals and travelers alike. There's reggae music, sometimes a guitar gets passed around, and of course there's beer, and a few other drinks besides.”
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