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Chinatown, Los Angeles : sites touristiques et attractions

Musées d'histoire

History Museum
“Learn about Chinese American history and culture in this small but impactful museum located in Chinatown. Free admission!”
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Vues pittoresques

Scenic Lookout
“While Angel’s Point in Elysian Park isn’t the highest vista around, it provides great views of downtown and Dodger Stadium (if you have die hard fans in tow). While you take in the view, stand underneath local Echo Park artist Peter Schire’s sculpture “City on the Hill.” And if the views aren’t enough, there are hiking trails just below the sculpture and plenty of grass to run amok. You can also head over to the other side of Stadium Way (drive, because crossing the street is tough here) where there is a playground and hiking trails to explore Elysian Park. Good to know: This is an excellent viewing spot for 4th of July fireworks.”
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