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Les meilleures recommandations des habitants

Des sites touristiques aux trésors cachés, découvrez ce qui fait la particularité de cette ville avec l'aide des habitants qui la connaissent le mieux.

“It's worth the walk east along Calle Larga to one of Ecuador's most significant museums. While there's some great modern art downstairs, the highlight is on the 2nd floor. Here begins a comprehensive voyage through Ecuador's diverse indigenous cultures, with colorfully animated dioramas and reconstructions of typical houses, including of Afro-Ecuadorians from Esmeraldas province, the cowboy-like montubios (coastal farmers) of the western lowlands, several rainforest groups and all major highland groups. The finale features rare and eerie tzantzas (shrunken heads) from the Shuar culture of the southern Oriente. Included in your visit is the Archaeological Park”
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“Take the tour of the new cathedral to see the crypts below the church and hike up into the soaring towers for an incredible view of Parque Calderon, the main city square. Find out some interesting details about the cathedral and the city that houses it. ”
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“Important park to make exercise, next to the most important neighborhood in cuenca, and the new comercial zone. ”
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Centre commercial
“This is the largest mall in Cuenca and is a short bus or taxi ride. It also has a food court.”
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Place to shop
“Teresa’s favorite mercado is the Diez de Agosto (it's also the closest). It’s a true mercado experience and you can find just about everything there (including a haircut for $2.50, or they will sharpen your knives for $.25 each). If there’s a stack of anything, like avocados, it’s $1. If it’s a bag of tomatoes, it’s $1. (There is a distinct accent here and they say "dollar" like "DO-ZHAR".) If there’s a larger bag of tomatoes next to a smaller bag, that larger bag will probably be $2. It’s a good idea to stand back and listen to what other people are being charged for other things to avoid getting “gringo pricing” and, of course, learn your numbers in Spanish helps. ”
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Restaurant spécialisé dans la viande grillée
“The food is delicious, service is really good and you will find typical and traditional food as well. Best meat restaurant of the city ”
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Musée d'art
“Many local artists get to exhibit their work in this incredible space. The architecture is enough to visit this awesome building where in every corner you can see new details of Cuenca. ”
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“Great place for people-watching! It's in the heart of the city between the Old & New Cathedrals. ”
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“Es un lugar tranquilo que ofrece música en vivo ciertos días de la semana y si te encuentras ahi no te olvides de probar su mojito!”
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“Goza is open late and their food is to die for. Serious. Expensive compared to other local places, Goza caters mostly to the expat and tourist community, and the wealthier locals. ”
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“Mainstream grocery store (ie; Safeway/Vons/WinDixie). Near soccer stadium, Chill-n-Grill, McDonalds, and Parque de la Madre.”
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“Great burgers and Mexican food. Sports bar on the banks of Rio Tomebabma. Indoor and outdoor seating. A gringo gathering place. Opens at 12 noon, closed Mondays.”
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“This is where the night Clubs are. There are also restaurants on thei main street”
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“Homemade food, breakfast and lunch specials, situated in a colonial home on Plaza San Sebastian at the west end of the historic district. Open Wednesday through Sunday until 3 PM.”
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