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Lake Pupuke : les meilleurs bars

“Every Tuesday night, the Elephant Wrestler host a fun trivia quiz night for those who challenge their mind. Often paired with special deals and drinks, a night spent at the Elephant Wrestler Quiz night is always unforgettable. ”
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Lieu de musique
“Local theatre which holds local and International shows and events. Easy access and parking in Takapuna.”
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“A great place to kayak as it is an inland lake, also a good choise for a picnic, just watch out the black swan may come up to share your food”
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Restaurant japonais
“Asian fusion cusine usually served with Vietnamese and Malaysian food, every time I go there I would have a Vietnamese coffee after dinner”
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“Takapuna's famous theater built from the remains of an old water pump house. A fun night out for all, with a great local French restaurant to start the night off. ”
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Place to eat
“History, culture, nature and decent parking A fantastic performance venue; or two venues in one, really. The amphitheatre is brilliant for the summer Shakespeare (bring a cushion) and the indoor stage is cosy but not claustrophobic like some small theatres. The attached cafe does serve good stuff before curtain and at intermission, but you can bring your own picnic if you like. Surprisingly accessible too, for Takapuna - it must have the best parking in Auckland. The park is beautiful for itself too, and you can even swim in the lake.”
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“The place is spacious and the food is good. There are also a lot of other bars around it. I don't usually go to bars but I see people like it.”
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“Has very good lunch and dinner specials and great meals. More information can be found on:”
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“Park on shores of Lake Pupuke. Good access to the water, short walks in bush. There is also often a Windsurfing School open there that is great fun!”
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“A classic Irish pub! If you're lucky you'll walk in on a group playing authentic Irish music.”
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Meal Takeaway
“Great pizzas fusing flavours from different continents into delectable pizza cuisine, they also serve all sorts of other nice dishes too.”
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“Go for the French Onion soup! It's the best in, well, anywhere but France. Coffee is great, and views across Lake Pupuke are nice too.”
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