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Des sites touristiques aux trésors cachés, découvrez ce qui fait la particularité de cette ville avec l'aide des habitants qui la connaissent le mieux.
“Via Toledo is one of the most famous shopping streets in Naples. In addition to the famous and beautiful metro, it leads directly to Piazza Trieste and Trento and Piazza del Plebiscito. By the way you can find clothes shops of the most famous brands and artisans. A vast and delicious gastronomic proposal: pizza, fried food, desserts and fried pizza. I recommend the sfogliatella from Pintauro and the pizza from Gennaro Salvo.”
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“If you want to try the best pizza in Naples, you have to eat the pizza at Gino & Toto Sorbillo, our favourite pizzeria!”
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“The Sentiero degli Dei links the town of Agerola with Positano. The name of the footpath, The Path of the Gods, is an indication of the spectacular scenery en-route: the route runs gently downhill from Agerola to Positano, with magnificent views of the Amalfi Coast and the island of Capri.”
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“Piazza del Plebiscito is one of the symbolic places of Naples. Located in the heart of the historic center, at the end of via Toledo, with its surface of over 25 thousand square meters it is the largest in the city and one of the largest in all of Italy. Bordered on either side by the famous colonnade, it is laterally closed by the prefecture building and Palazzo Salerno, the Royal Palace and the Church of San Francesco di Paola. Piazza del Plebiscito is located in the heart of the historic center of Naples, between the end of Via Toledo, one of the main shopping streets of the Neapolitan capital, and after Piazza Trieste e Trento, and the Lungomare. It is customary to divide Piazza del Plebiscito into two parts: the first at the foot of the Basilica of San Francesco di Paola follows a semi-circular shape, while the other, which borders at the end with the Royal Palace and is determined in the short sides by the curtains of the Twin palaces have a more rectangular shape. In the centers of the two areas there are, isolated, the two equestrian statues of Charles III of Bourbon (initiator of the Bourbon dynasty) and his son Ferdinand I, made by Canova and his pupil Antonio Calì. Famous is the game of crossing the blindfolded square or with eyes closed in a straight line, starting from the door of the Royal Palace, which is located right in the middle between the two equestrian statues, but practically nobody succeeds in the enterprise. From Casa Carmela you can reach it in a few minutes by walking.”
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Club Discothèque
“One of the most well known night-clubs in the Amalfi Coast: literally on the sea, highly recommended.”
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“Another very very good pizza here, also they cook some amazing typical neapolitan street food! Try their "Frittatina" :D”
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Musée d'art
“An ancient palace of 1700 now restaurato and it become an important museo of modern art don’t forget to go on the terrace and see all the city around”
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“ENTRATA LIBERA - FREE ENTRY - ENTRÉE GRATUITE - EINTRITT FREI Il Bosco di Capodimonte segue i seguenti orari di apertura: Nei mesi di ottobre, febbraio e marzo: apertura ore 7,00 e chiusura ore 18,00. Nei mesi di novembre, dicembre e gennaio: apertura ore 7,00 e chiusura ore 17,00. Nei mesi di aprile, maggio, giugno, luglio, agosto e settembre: apertura ore 7,00 e chiusura ore 19,30. Il Real Bosco, con i suoi 134 ettari e più di 400 specie vegetali, costituisce un’area verde incontaminata che si affaccia sulla città e sul golfo di Napoli. Grazie al clima mite e all’attività di rinomati botanici, qui si impiantarono molte specie rare ed esotiche tra le quali canfora e camelie provenienti dall’Asia, magnolie e taxodi delle Americhe ed eucalipti australiani. Tra i viali, disegnati con maestria da scenografo dall’architetto Ferdinando Sanfelice, si dispongono 16 edifici storici tra residenze, casini, laboratori, depositi e chiese, oltre a fontane e statue, orti e frutteti. Per il suo patrimonio storico, architettonico e botanico il Bosco di Capodimonte è stato nominato nel 2014 il parco più bello d’Italia. The Bosco di Capodimonte follows the following opening hours: In October, February and March: opening at 7.00 and closing at 18.00. In the months of November, December and January: opening at 7.00 and closing at 17.00. In the months of April, May, June, July, August and September: opening 7.00 am and closing 7.30 pm. The Real Bosco, with its 134 hectares and more than 400 species vegetables, is a pristine green area overlooking the city and the Gulf of Naples. Thanks to the mild climate and the activity of renowned botanists, here many rare and exotic species were planted among which camphor and camellias coming from Asia, magnolias and taxodes of the Americas and eucalyptus trees Aussies. Among the avenues, designed with mastery as a set designer by the architect Ferdinando Sanfelice, there are 16 historic buildings including residences, casinos, laboratories, warehouses and churches, as well as fountains and statues, vegetable gardens and orchards. For its historical heritage, the Capodimonte Wood is architectural and botanical in 2014 the most beautiful park in Italy was named. Le Bosco di Capodimonte est ouvert aux heures suivantes: En octobre, février et mars: ouverture à 7h et fermeture à 18h. En novembre, décembre et janvier: ouverture à 7h et fermeture à 17h. En avril, mai, juin, juillet, août et septembre: ouverture 7h00 et fermeture 19h30. Le Real Bosco, avec ses 134 hectares et plus de 400 espèces légumes, est un espace vert vierge surplombant la ville et le golfe de Naples. Grâce à la douceur du climat et à l'activité de botanistes renommés, ici de nombreuses espèces rares et exotiques ont été plantées parmi lesquels camphre et camélias venant d’Asie, magnolias et taxodes des Amériques et eucalyptus Aussies. Parmi les avenues, conçues avec maitrise en tant que scénographe de l'architecte Ferdinando Sanfelice, il y a 16 bâtiments historiques, y compris des résidences, des casinos, des laboratoires, des entrepôts et des églises, ainsi que des fontaines et des statues, potagers et vergers. Pour son patrimoine historique, le bois de Capodimonte est architectural et botanique En 2014, le plus beau parc d'Italie a été nommé. Der Bosco di Capodimonte hat folgende Öffnungszeiten: Im Oktober, Februar und März: Eröffnung um 7.00 Uhr und Schließung um 18.00 Uhr. In den Monaten November, Dezember und Januar: Eröffnung um 7.00 Uhr und Schließung um 17.00 Uhr. In den Monaten April, Mai, Juni, Juli, August und September: Öffnung 7.00 Uhr und Schließung 19.30 Uhr. Der Real Bosco mit seinen 134 Hektar und mehr als 400 Arten Gemüse, ist eine unberührte Grünfläche mit Blick auf die Stadt und den Golf von Neapel. Dank des milden Klimas und der Aktivität renommierter Botaniker Hier wurden viele seltene und exotische Arten gepflanzt darunter Kampfer und Kamelien aus Asien, Magnolien und Taxoden Amerikas und Eukalyptusbäume Aussies. Unter den Alleen, meisterhaft angelegt als Bühnenbildner vom Architekten Ferdinando Sanfelice, Es gibt 16 historische Gebäude, darunter Residenzen, Casinos, Labors, Lagerhallen und Kirchen sowie Brunnen und Statuen, Gemüsegärten und Obstgärten. Für sein historisches Erbe Der Capodimonte-Wald ist architektonisch und botanisch 2014 wurde der schönste Park Italiens benannt.”
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“The best pizza in Naples! Try a selection of the little deep-fried starters, you can order per piece, particularly the stuffed zucchini flower. Pizzas are simply amazing. For dessert, its specialty of fried dough balls dripping in warm Nutella is a must.”
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“A beautiful and very suggestive place, that few tourists know; the place is very easily reached with a 15-minute walk within the health district. The museum is free and represents an important place for the "sacred and profane" Naples.”
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“Poseidon is a thermal park that takes advantage of Ischia's natural hot springs where visitors are able to use 22 different swimming and bathing pools, each with their own different temperatures. With Ischia's volcanic activity bubbling away under the surface of the island, the thermal water used at Poseidon naturally flows into the complex at very high temperatures. In order to achieve the required temperature at each pool, the water is cooled and systematically diverted to the different areas with temperatures ranging from 15 to 40° Celcius”
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“The elegant 15th-century Ponte Aragonese connects Ischia Ponte to Castello Aragonese, a sprawling, magnificent castle perched high and mighty on a rocky islet. While Syracusan tyrant Gerone I built the site’s first fortress in 474 BC, the bulk of the current structure dates from the 1400s, when King Alfonso of Aragon gave the older Angevin fortress a thorough makeover, building the fortified bastions, current causeway and access ramp cut into the rock.”
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Place to eat
“Herculaneum excavations. Smaller and less crowded than Pompeii, but always worth seeing”
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“The Cathedral and the symbol place of Amalfi, hosting the relics of Saint Andrew the Apostle -its staircase is fabulous and all the baroque decors will take your breath away!”
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Centre commercial
“ This is the largest shopping mall in the area.. You can shop, buy food or eat it directly here.”
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“It is a very important part of Napoli; the Duomo is the main church. It is a beautiful cathedral which is well worth a visit. The exterior, interior and side chapels, are all very artistic and detailed. In addition, the entrance is also free of charge.”
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