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Monroe County : sites touristiques et attractions

Musées d'art

Musée d'art
“Newly renovated and re-opened, the Eskenazi Museum of Art, Indiana University is a world-class art museum!! Entrance is free, definitely worth a trip if you are and art enthusiast.”
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Musées d'histoire

History Museum
“There is a pioneer's log cabin inside that will astonish you with how far we have come in 200 years! Other exhibits focus on the local quarries, manufacturing, and clothing and furnishings from everyday. Have you ever seen a real soapbox racer? ”
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Vues pittoresques

Scenic Lookout
“This is one of the secret gems near Bloomington. Climb the Fire Tower and get panoramic views of one of the top vantage points in all of Indiana. It's especially breathtaking during Fall when the leaves are turning.”
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“Wonderful experience. Gutenberg bible, tiny book collection, puzzle collection. FREE”
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“MCPL is a fantastic library and is right in downtown Bloomington. You can stop in and read newspapers, magazines or use the computers to check your email. Also copying machines and free scanning. Lots of free programs to take advantage of as well.”
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“One of the finest University libraries in the country, it's the home of a top school of library science. ”
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