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Les meilleures recommandations de lieux de culte selon les habitants

“This is the 4th Church and Cathedral combination in the world! Magnificent interior and exterior architecture. ”
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“Historic Beautiful place. Take a tranquil walk. See the koi pond. Go birding or learn about bee keeping. Art, Music and historic events and tours.”
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“The architecture in this building is fascinating. Walking in brings such peace and comfort. ”
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“The brick and marble Roman Catholic church, which opened in 1879. Many celebs got married here, one that comes to mind for me is the Latin actress TALIA.”
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“New York's first African-American Baptist Church. It was founded in 1808 and is still going strong. Visitors may attend Sunday service at 11:30 a.m. The Tourist Entry Point is located at the southwest corner of 138th Street and Adam Clayton Powell, Jr. Blvd. (7th Ave.). Service is at 11:30 a.m.”
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“Address 75 Broadway Date 1846 Where it gets its name It’s a common name for churches the world over. What it was before Two other Trinity Churches have stood here. One burned down during the Revolutionary War; the other was demolished in 1839 after weathering storm damage. Why it’s notable The brownstone church was built with a spire whose cross topped out at 281 feet, a towering presence in the skyline in the mid-1800s—and much of the rest of that century. The churchyard cemetery, which predates the current church, holds the graves of Alexander Hamilton, Hamilton’s wife Elizabeth Schuyler, Declaration of Independence signer Francis Lewis and early publisher William Bradford. What it is now It remains an active Episcopal parish with daily services, though many come here for afternoon guided tours that point out architectural and historical elements of the church. Fast fact Thanks to a land grant from Queen Anne in 1705, Trinity Church is one of NYC’s biggest landowners—its holdings were valued a couple of years back at $2 billion.”
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“It is the most beautiful church in the world. Very elegant and very exquisite. It is very awesome and so magnificent. ”
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“Beautiful Church near Columbia University. Many famous and historic events have taken place here including Dr. Martin Luther King’s famous sermon Beyond Vietnam. ”
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“Quite the show at Sunday services, tourists come from all over, local community double parks for blocks. Worth seeing, and the church actually does lots of good community work. ”
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Lieu de musique
“This beautiful Vaudevillian theater is in close proximity to some good Dominican food. Grab a pre-concert meal at El Malecón, right across the street this incredible concert venue!”
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“Gorgeous Gothic Revival church built by John D. Rockefeller directly opposite General Grant's Tomb.”
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“The Brooklyn Tabernacle: one of New York's most famous churches. Is The Brooklyn Tabernacle a very typical church in the United States (of the ones we've always seen in movies you know?), Where worship services are accompanied by a large, lively choir. Just 26 minutes away by subway line A.”
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“Extraordinarily beautiful cemetery. Bonus point if you spot all four former New York Mayors resting in peace.”
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“It's a great church that I attend sometimes. Tourists often go as well, and get the authentic Baptist Church experience. It's only like a 7 minute walk”
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Hindu Temple
“Great Yoga studio, drop-ins welcome, class schedule available online at Jivamukti Jersey City”
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“The Cemetery of the Evergreens is a non-denominational cemetery in Brooklyn and Queens, New York, colloquially called Evergreen Cemetery. It was incorporated in 1849, not long after the passage of New York's Rural Cemetery Act spurred development of cemeteries outside Manhattan. For a time, it was the busiest cemetery in New York City; in 1929 there were 4,673 interments. The cemetery borders Brooklyn and Queens and covers 225 acres (0.91 km2) of rolling hills and gently sloping meadows. It features several thousand trees and flowering shrubs in a park-like setting. The Evergreens is the final resting place of more than 526,000 people. ”
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