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“This lava tube cave is almost a mile long. It is a very cool unique experience to hike through a cave like this. Bring head lamps and a coat because it is always cold in there! It’s about a 40 min drive from the studio. ”
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“This petting zoo has a wide variety of animals to visit and learn about. It's super fun - and you get to hand-feed the deer!”
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“Oak Hill is a simple sledding hill operated by the Kaibab NF. It features a parking lot, outhouse, and a small windbreak shelter. No concessions, no buying sleds, just park and sled. A very popular spot on the weekend in the winter. Only 3 miles down Route 66 to the west from the cottage.”
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“Bring a jacket and flashlight for everyone. This is a must see for kids!! Walk one mile into a Lava Tube Cave. Make it exciting and bank around through the left tube back to the beginning. No Fees”
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“Kendrick Mountain Wilderness encompasses Kendrick Peak. Excellent for hiking (3 trails/14 miles). Reaching an elevation of 10,418, the summit affords excellent views of the surrounding plateau.”
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“For a good but not super challenging day hike, this is a great choice! Not easy, and the views are really beautiful, but not like the Humphrey's Peak hike that I would say is CHALLENGING for most and requires some knowledge and preparation. Kendrick is a little bit of a drive but tends to be less busy, especially on a week day. Still....check weather reports and make good decisions in terms of preparation- food, water, first aid, clothing choices, etc. Let me know if you have any questions. ”
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“A close hike, about 3/4 of a mile to get to a beautiful area with petroglyphs.”
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