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Les meilleures recommandations des habitants

Des sites touristiques aux trésors cachés, découvrez ce qui fait la particularité de cette ville avec l'aide des habitants qui la connaissent le mieux.
“Peut etre le plus beau parc de la ville que l'on appelle aussi le coeur vert de Rome. Regroupe un grand ensemble de musées romains et d'institutions culturelles.”
  • Recommandé par 543 habitants
Historic Site
“Amphitheatrum Flavium is the most famous and impressive monument of ancient Rome, as well as the largest amphitheater in the world. ”
  • Recommandé par 543 habitants
Musée d'art
“The Vatican Museums begin just beyond a massive bronze door that, like magic, takes you out of Italy and into the smallest country in the world: the Vatican. There are priceless works of art here, collected by the popes or often expressly commissioned by them. More than 70,000 pieces are on exhibition in over 42,000 square meters, with another 50,000 pieces preserved in the vaults and storerooms. Forget about seeing everything in a single visit: it simply can't be done. To the millions of visitors that come here from every part of the globe to admire these marvels, the whole complex seems to be one gigantic museum but the Vatican Museums, with their full name "Papal Museums and Galleries", are the Museum of Museums, the result of the union of various collections, collections that often take the name of the pope that began them. The most sought-after stop on the Vatican Museum trail is without doubt the Sistine Chapel however every room is rich in history and precious examples of life from every era. The birth of the Museum was almost by chance: it all began in 1506, when an ancient sculpture was found in a vineyard on the Esquiline Hill near Nero's Domus Aurea. It was only later that it was recognized as one of the most famous statues ever: the Laocoonte, described even by the Latin author Pliny. The subject of the work is taken from an episode of Virgil's Aeneid in which the seer and priest Laocoonte, for having predicted Ulysses' use of the Trojan Horse, was punished by the gods who sent two enormous snakes to strangle him and his two children in their deadly coils. Like all the pontiffs, Pope Julius II had always shown great interest in artwork, and he immediately summoned Michelangelo and Giuliano da Sangallo to authenticate the sculpture. The pope then decided to acquire it, making sure no one else could do so before he did. So the dramatic Laocoonte was put on exhibit in the Vatican, enriching Pope Julius II's collection that was the seed of what would ultimately become the Vatican Museums. The Laocoonte was placed in Bramante's Belvedere Courtyard where Julius II grouped all his ancient statuary, transforming it into the "Courtyard of the Statues". Visitors came from all over the world just to admire the sculptures and artists stopped there to copy the masterworks. The Museums as they appear today, were created in the second half of the 18th century and are made up of two parts: the actual Museum and the popes palaces, naturally only the portions open to the public. The visit is an incredible stroll through the history of art where you can meet the greatest artists ever, through their most important works. You can organize your visit according to the time you have at your disposal; the shortest takes at least two hours, the longest, around six. You'll discover masterpieces in a sort of crescendo as you pass from one room to another; in fact, the rooms themselves are works of art, frescoed by artists like Fra Angelico, Pinturicchio or Raphael. The Vatican Museums: The courtyard of the Pinecone Chiaramonti Gallery Braccio Nuovo Pio-Clementino Museum Octagonal Courtyard Apoxyomenos Apollo del Belvedere Laocoonte Galleries of the statues Belvedere Torso The round hall Sala a Croce Greca Gregorian Egyptian Museum Gregorian Etruscan Museum Gallery of the Candelabra Gallery of Tapestries Gallery of Maps Sala Sobieski Raphael’s rooms Hall of Constantine Room of Heliodorus Room of the Segnatura Room of the fire in the Borgo Sala dei Chiaroscuri Cappella Niccolina Appartamento Borgia The Sistine Chapel The ceiling Last Judgment Musei della Biblioteca Apostolica Vaticana Pinacoteca Vaticana Museo Gregoriano Profano Museo Pio Cristiano ”
  • Recommandé par 458 habitants
“Elle est construite sur les ruines du stade de Domitien du Ier siècle. Elle est, avec son décor architectural monumental l'un des plus beaux ensembles d'architecture baroque de Rome.”
  • Recommandé par 339 habitants
Monument / Point de repère
“Le Panthéon est un édifice religieux antique situé sur la piazza della Rotonda. On y trouve les tombes de personnages célèbres comme Raphaël, le Roi Victor Emmanuel II, la Reine Margherite de Savoie.”
  • Recommandé par 290 habitants
“La Fontaine de Trevi, chef d'oeuvre de l'art baroque, monument du XVIIIe siècle, est un des sites touristiques les plus célèbres de Rome, située sur la Piazza di Trevi. ”
  • Recommandé par 323 habitants
“Le château Saint-Ange, monument romain, situé sur la rive droite du Tibre, face au pons Ælius, est le mausolée d'Hadrien, et aussi un musée recelant des oeuvres d'art du XVIe siècle.”
  • Recommandé par 349 habitants
“Passeggiare per i vicoli di Trastevere è romantico. E puoi mangiare bene se sai scegliere. Evita i ristoranti turistici. Walking through the alleys of Trastevere is romantic. And you can eat well if you can choose. Avoid tourist restaurants. Se balader dans les ruelles du Trastevere est romantique. Et vous pouvez bien manger si vous le souhaitez. Évitez les restaurants touristiques.”
  • Recommandé par 427 habitants
“Magnifique parc où aller courrir, se promener ou bien faire un picnic. Un des poumons verts de Rome! An amazing green park for jogging, walking or picnic! Un polmone verde in piena città, ideale per andare a correre, passeggiare o per fare picnic!”
  • Recommandé par 305 habitants
“St. Peter’s Basilica may be a pilgrimage site for Catholics, but even non-believers can appreciate the church’s architectural majesty. Inside you’ll find Bernini’s masterful altarpiece—the great bronze baldacchino—and Michelangelo’s Pietà.”
  • Recommandé par 264 habitants
“Una delle piazze più belle della capitale, ideale per passeggiare e ammirare così le vie del centro storico. One of the most beautiful squares in the capital, ideal for strolling and admiring the streets of the historic center. L'une des plus belles places de la capitale, idéale pour flâner et admirer les rues du centre historique.”
  • Recommandé par 148 habitants
Border Crossing
“It is the cathedral church of the Diocese of Rome in the city of Rome and serves as the seat of the Roman Pontiff.”
  • Recommandé par 279 habitants
“The most picturesque and folkloric market in the city. Before the fifteenth century the square did not exist and in its place there was a flower meadow. The market has existed since 1869, here you will find fruit, vegetables, meat, dried fruit and the famous spices. In the surroundings you will find bakery and gastronomy shops. At the center of the square is the statue of Giordano Bruno, a Dominican friar accused of heresy. It is the only square without churches. You will also find cocktail bars, restaurants and outdoor cafes.”
  • Recommandé par 253 habitants
“Située à la fin de la Via del Corso, 2 églises jumelles se trouvent à son début. La place acceuil des concerts et des manifestations.”
  • Recommandé par 186 habitants
“Via del Corso is a main street in the historical centre of Rome. Today, the Corso is a popular place for the "passeggiata", the evening stroll for the populace to be seen and to see others. It is also an important shopping street for tourists and locals alike. Here you can find the big national and international stores, as well as small shops with great bargains. Without a shadow of doubt chic shopping in Rome is traditionally done in the Tridente neighbourhood. The street itself is remarkable for being absolutely straight in an area characterized by narrow meandering alleys and small piazzas. The length of the street is roughly 1.5 kilometres. The Corso runs in a generally north-south direc”
  • Recommandé par 108 habitants
“Un des plus importants musées de Rome: de l'art classique à La Renaissance jusqu'au Classicisme du XIX ème.”
  • Recommandé par 200 habitants

Meilleurs restaurants

Gourmet Shop
“If you want to know EVERYTHING about italian cuisine and italian products - come here and try not to become crazy about the quantity of specialities from all the reagions of Italy! Thousands of wine types, hundreds types of oil, pasta, dough, vegetables, herbs, meet, fish and seafood! Fresh, boiled, grilled, freezed - all kinds of Italian food in all possible variations - you can buy here in the 4 storey building!!! It's enormous supermarket with a lot of restaurants! Please come here being VERY hungry!))))”
  • Recommandé par 221 habitants
Dessert Shop
“-Best tiramisu of Rome , you can find the traditional with coffee or other tastes with pistachio, banana and nutella, nuts and strawberry and cream; - Sunday brunch; - Apertif in the evening from 7.00 p.m”
  • Recommandé par 174 habitants
“Really great for breakfast, brunch and dinner. Beautiful location with an open space and a large tree. Recommended especially if it’s a sunny day. Necci was attended by Pier Paolo Pasolini.”
  • Recommandé par 140 habitants
“This is our favorite pizza place in Rome! If you are into real Italian pizza with finest crust in the world, be sure not to miss Baffetto! You will feel like in an Italian movie with whole Italian family making pizza right in front of you. Prices are also very, very good. ”
  • Recommandé par 86 habitants
Bar à cocktails
“DRINKS: Super close to Piazza Navona, they have a great combination of food and drinks, without being insanely overpriced.”
  • Recommandé par 82 habitants
Restaurant italien
“At 10min walking (900mt) from the b&b. Trendy cool place in 70's style, good cocktail and wines, good food. The prices are not economic Opening time - all days 8am - 2am late at night”
  • Recommandé par 95 habitants
Outlet Store
  • Recommandé par 68 habitants
“PIZZA: This one is tucked away in a discreet alleyway in Trastevere. Legendary pizza here!”
  • Recommandé par 84 habitants

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