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Tenerife : que faire

Les meilleures recommandations des habitants

Des sites touristiques aux trésors cachés, découvrez ce qui fait la particularité de cette ville avec l'aide des habitants qui la connaissent le mieux.
Water Park
“Parc aquatique n°1 au monde avec décoration asiatique. Petits et grands passeront une excellente journée”
  • Recommandé par 231 habitants
“Au patrimoine mondial de l'UNESCO comme site naturel. Parc national le plus visiter d'Espagne et d'Europe et le 9e au monde.”
  • Recommandé par 201 habitants
“Beautiful and relaxing walks in the shade of various types of plants. Also one of the world’s greatest bird sanctuaries.”
  • Recommandé par 177 habitants
Centre commercial
“Centre commercial avec décoration asiatique. Grands choix de boutiques et restauration sur place”
  • Recommandé par 120 habitants
“ Monter sur le toit de L Espagne,au sommet du volcan Teide qui culmine l Ile de 3718 mètres”
  • Recommandé par 164 habitants
Bar de plage
“Night club, bar et restaurant. Situé en bordure de plage, l'endroit est agréable. Le soir, discothèque de qualité.”
  • Recommandé par 75 habitants
“Close to Santa Cruz this beach is easily accessible where you'll find palm trees, bright sand (transported from the sahara) music, mojitos, calm water...”
  • Recommandé par 77 habitants
“Dubbed the ‘Sydney of the Atlantic’, The Auditorio de Tenerife has become the island’s architectural icon, and is the most photographed view in Santa Cruz de Tenerife. The brainchild of architect Santiago Calatrava Valls, the ambitious structure features a huge wave-like arch that appears to defy gravity. It becomes particularly impressive at night when it is lit with bright white light. Home to the Tenerife Symphony Orchestra, it also has ballets, dance shows, musical, operas, comedy and gospel concerts. You can grab tickets for as little as €5.”
  • Recommandé par 61 habitants
“Located in the old Civil Hospital of Santa Cruz de Tenerife, it is an unusual project that brings together under the same name the Museum of Natural Sciences of Tenerife, the Archaeological Museum of Tenerife and the Canary Institute of Bioanthropology - created in 1993 to investigate fields such as human paleobiology and paleopathology, forensic anthropology and genetics.”
  • Recommandé par 42 habitants
“great architecture, visit the the exhibitions and have a break at the cafeteria downstairs ”
  • Recommandé par 51 habitants
“Endroit fabuleux! Petit barrio typique, posé sur les pentes du barranco (canyon) de Masca. Rien que la route pour y accéder est une expérience mémorable. Route serpentant en descente pour accéder au point le plus bas accessible en voiture. De là, possibilité de rejoindre la mer via un petit sentier longeant le fond du barranco. Compter trois heures! Et tout autant (voir plus) pour remonter. Ou possibilité de réserver un bateau pour revenir vers Los Gigantes. A organiser par avance!”
  • Recommandé par 45 habitants
Water Park
“Water park, more recommended for smaller children. There you can watch also dolphins show ”
  • Recommandé par 38 habitants
“This park is one of the most emblematic symbols of Santa Cruz. It’s the perfect place to start your day. Surrounded by nature, sculptures and the warm rays of sun peeking through the trees.”
  • Recommandé par 52 habitants
Centre commercial
“Mainly designer shops but also a few more affordable ones on the lower level. Good for window shopping and people watching :)”
  • Recommandé par 18 habitants
“The Anaga Rural Park occupies a large part of the mountain massif located in the northeast corner of the Island of Tenerife. With an extension close to 14,500 hectares, it covers an important part of the island of Tenerife and extends through the municipalities of La Laguna, Santa Cruz de Tenerife and Tegueste.”
  • Recommandé par 44 habitants
“The Costa Martiánez Tourist Complex, also known as Lago Martiánez, is a leisure and entertainment zone comprising seven artificial seawater swimming pools and a large lake, as well as gardens, terraces, islands, viewpoints, solaria, cultural spaces, bars and restaurants. It currently constitutes the symbol and main tourist attraction of Puerto de la Cruz, Tenerife, the most traditional and prestigious tourist city on the Canary Islands. Costa Martiánez has a surface area of 328,084 square feet that completely transforms the Puerto de la Cruz coastline that cannot be used as a beach or for recreation. It is located on reclaimed land on the coast of the same name and was created to meet demand for relaxation and leisure zones in this municipality of the north of the island, and became a top class international tourist centre. The Costa Martiánez Complex is the pride of Puerto de la Cruz and all of Tenerife. The quality and beauty of its facilities provide the visitor with the most suitable environment for bathing and relaxing and, thanks to the Canary Islands’ privileged climate, can be enjoyed at any time of the year. Visitors to the complex no doubt say that it has exceptional facilities. They are extremely important and have been recognised by outstanding personalities from the arts and showbusiness. It hosted Miss Europa 1979 and the central island has been used for dinners and receptions at numerous conferences. ”
  • Recommandé par 38 habitants

Meilleurs restaurants

Bar de plage
“Night club, bar et restaurant. Situé en bordure de plage, l'endroit est agréable. Le soir, discothèque de qualité.”
  • Recommandé par 75 habitants
Restaurant espagnol
“A simply magical place where you can make a brunch and see from the table the beautiful views of Tenerife. For brunch it is better to book. They have animals, so you can enjoy them and take a walk around the monastery accompanied by peacocks or ducks. You'll love it”
  • Recommandé par 55 habitants
“I haven't visited this place but I offer it for those that crave this type of local.”
  • Recommandé par 19 habitants
Restaurant espagnol
“If you want to experience the real canarian guachinche experience... Let's see if you like it or not :)”
  • Recommandé par 47 habitants
Centre commercial
“Centro comercial dotado de bares y restaurants. Tiene un Mercadona dentro y un Mac Donals. Mall provided with bars and restaurants. It has a Mercadona supermarket and Mac Donals inside.”
  • Recommandé par 24 habitants
Snack Place
“The place is great, good food, good views, a careful atmosphere, the cocktails are very good and at a reasonable price and also at night they put a DJ until 00:30. Highly recommended”
  • Recommandé par 23 habitants
Beer Garden
“This place is great to have a great lunch - you can order paella -, have drinks and enjoy a beautiful sunset. Full flavour and very popular with locals. It has access direct access to the beach!! ”
  • Recommandé par 33 habitants
Tapas Restaurant
“Local food. Traditional canarian old house. Two meal services (12 am-4pm, 7:30 pm-23:30pm) but open. There are two main meal services (12 am-4pm, 7:30 pm-23:30pm) but open uninterrupted with tapas option. I prefer the afternoon service (ask for Yoya, one of the owners, you can also said that Ángel send you. She doesn´t speak english but she will be pleased to suggest some of the things that they have on the menu). After you can visit the area for a last drink before come back to the south.”
  • Recommandé par 19 habitants

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