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Winnipeg : les meilleurs bars

“Welcome to the only Museum entirely devoted to human rights for all. Join us on a journey like no other and experience human rights stories from Canada and around the world.”
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Skate Park
“So much to see here. Lots of stores and restaurants. Great place to spend an afternoon with the family. You can also have a variety of kraft beers here. The children's museum is a lot of fun for the Little ones..There is also the Manitoba Theatre for Young People, and the famous Old Spaghetti Factory.”
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“Nice park to visit. There is a zoo inside this park. On side there is a river call Assiniboine river. ”
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“The Journey to Churchill and the Polar Bears are recent additions and the main attraction for good reason. On super hot and super cold days, you (we have) can literally sit under the bears as they play in the water for hours in the underwater tunnel. The rest of the Zoo shouldn’t take a backseat, though. Wolves, Tigers, Snow Leopards can regularly be seen. It’s spread out enough to give plenty of Spence for the animals but not too tough of a walk. As far as zoos go, I always think it’s worth a visit and we renew our memberships annually ”
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Hockey Arena
“Home of the Winnipeg Jets! Tons of shopping and restaurants as well. This is in the heart of downtown.”
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Galerie d'art
“Le musée des beaux-arts de Winnipeg abrite la plus grande collection d'art inuit public au monde. Une infime partie de cette collection est en exposition, il faut attendre l'ouverture du nouveau centre d'art inuit adjacent (actuellement en construction) pour en voir davantage. Les expositions permanentes donne un aperçu des grands courants européens, et fait la part belle à une collection canadienne respectable. La boutique du musée regorge d'art et d'artisanat winnipégois : à visiter absolument pour dénicher des souvenirs de votre visite en sol manitobain.”
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“This National Historic Site used as traditional meeting ground for over 1,000 years is still a great place to get together. We love taking our kids here, there’s a fanatic playground and skate park but there’s plenty for adults as well. Having undergone recent revitalization The Commons is a great place to grab any of 20 beers on tap or a glass of wine; there’s also a food court with some really great cuisine. There’s frequently concerts or events in the summer as well as winter, plenty of walking/jogging/biking paths and while you’re here may just learn a little history. Truly part of the heartbeat of Winnipeg ”
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Centre commercial
“Feel like shopping, having some ice cream, or going to the movies? This is the place”
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“Learn the human and natural history of Manitoba as your journey through nine immersive Museum Galleries. Your museum experience includes a gallery intervention, Strike 1919: Divided City, commemorating the 100th anniversary of the Winnipeg General Strike. Be inspired by the universe at the Planetarium – select from a variety of shows, including the summer feature CapCom Go! The Apollo Story.”
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Épicerie fine / Bodega
“Stella's n'a plus à faire son nom. Cette chaîne locale est entrée dans le coeur (et les ventres) des Winnipégois et avec raison: pâtisseries et pains d'excellente qualité faits avec des ingrédients locaux, un menu varié avec choix sans gluten et végétaliens. Les brioches à la cannelle servis grillés sont à goûter absolument. Attention: le brunch chez Stella's est particulièrement couru, une file d'attente est à prévoir entre 10h et 13h le weekend à la cette succursale sur Sherbrooke, dans le quartier en vogue de West Broadway.”
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Adresse pour Petit Déjeuner
“Le rendez-vous par excellence pour le brunch à Winnipeg. Le succès de ce café - bar - restaurant vient avec des inconvénients: arrivez tôt (9h30) le samedi ou dimanche sinon c'est la file d'attente. Pourquoi ça vaut la peine, même avec une attente?... c'est bon à tomber à la renverse: des ingrédients frais et locaux, des combinaisons inédites de saveurs, de textures et de parfums, des plats servis à chaque fois à la bonne température, décoration bien réfléchie (pas évident dans un sous-sol d'entrepôt), ambiance hipster. Le café filtre 10/10, le gruau 10/10, poulet grillé sur toast 8/10. Service correct (en général) et un menu qui évolue.”
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“A popular area for young professionals to go for dinner, coffee or music. Small, walkable and pleasant.”
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“The old warehouse district in the heart of the city is now a growing centre of Winnipeg's night life. In addition to many good restaurants and bars, it is the heart of much of Winnipeg's performing arts. The are really comes alive during the summer Festival season. Winnipeg's Jazz Festival and Fringe Festival are particularly popular and fill the streets of the Exchange District with visitors and locals alike. ”
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Local Government Office
“Winnipeg’s grandest building is also its most mysterious- filled with hieroglyphics, freemasonry and mythological creatures. heartland ”
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“A popular local hangout. You can catch live music here as well. Large selection of beers on tap.”
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Grocery or Supermarket
“Anything and everything one could need grocery wise. There is also a Tim Horton's kiosk located within the store near the east entrance.”
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