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Zhongshan District : les meilleurs bars

Night Market
“The largest night market in Taipei and the most famous/popular. You can try any street food/Taiwanese 'small eats' imaginable. Make sure to try as many as you can - everything tastes incredible. There are also a lot of cute shops to buy phone trinkets, shoes, clothes, etc. ”
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Marché aux poissons
“Many fresh seafood and lots of local vegetables and fruits in the supermarket.”
  • Recommandé par 47 habitants
Musée d'art
“Absolutely a priceless gem to the art fans in Taipei. Taipei fine art museum offers a spectacular space for all of the visitors to immerse their emotion, sensibilities and imagination with the artistic works here.”
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“台北市指標性的廟宇,每天香火鼎盛,很值得去看看! One of the biggest temples in Taipei. Always full of people. It's a great place to feel the culture. ”
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Restaurant des Nouilles
“Another one of the popular beef noodle spots in Taipei. The broth is a bit lighter and I think there's also a clear broth? I can't remember. ”
  • Recommandé par 23 habitants
Centre commercial
“Joining the world's top brands, a spacious shopping environment, and friendly service, Breeze Center has become the benchmark for cutting edge fashion in Taipei's retail world. ”
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Grand magasin
“MITSUBISHI (Store 1) is one of the most popular Japanese department stores. The entire building sells men's and women's clothes and accessories, for sure it has a great food court at B1 and afternoon tea restaurants in the building. ”
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“Nice small museum with cool contemporary exhibitions. The building itself is a historical site as well. The tickets are cheap, 50 NT/per person.”
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Electronics Store
“the Digital Plaza is a complex of several multi stories building hosting shops for all sort of electronics. The whole neighbourhood is dedicated to the same merchandise, you can also find some second hand. Because the area attracts many visitors, there are plenty of restaurants and food stalls.”
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Dumpling Restaurant
“Famous Branch found in numerous places all over Taipei -quality guaranteed at each branch -reservations are not accepted, but the wait is well worth it! -if Xiao long Bao is your thing, this is a must!”
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Indie Movie Theater
“1925年落成的美國南方維多利亞式洋房,長年作為美國駐台的領事、 大使館,隨中美斷交,此處一度繁華落盡,歸於荒廢。如今定為國家三 級古蹟,由台灣電影文化協會經營,在這邊有藝術電影院,也有書店與 滿溢浪漫異國情懷的餐廳。 This Victorian building completed in 1925 in the style of the U.S. south had long been the consulate and embassy for the U.S. As diplomatic relations between R.O.C. and the U.S. ceased, this place was once deserted and lost all its glory. Now it is a national Class 3 historical site, maintained by the Taiwan Film & Culture Association. Here you have arthouse cinemas, bookstores, and romantic, exotic restaurants. ”
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“單點式的麻辣火鍋,可選擇大骨清湯、麻辣鍋底或鴛鴦鍋,麻辣鍋底用十餘種辛香大料一次下鍋不煸不炒,直接加水煮上4小時煉出原汁,然後開大火熬煮2小時變濃縮鍋底,最後加香油做收尾,口味稍微帶點甜味。最著名的是鴨血是完美融合了六種中藥材以及四種辛香料,香港美食雜誌甚至說這裡的鴨血簡直是全台北最好吃的。 The spicy hotpot by orders, you can choose bone soup, spicy soup or twin-side. Spicy soup use more than 10 kinds of spices, it is in a bit of sweet taste. The famous duck blood has mixed 6 kinds of Chinese herb and 4 kinds of spices, the gourmet magazine from Hong Kong even said it is the most delicious deck blood in Taiwan. ”
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Bus Station
“台北當代藝術館位於台北市長安西路上,歷經古蹟活化再利用而成立的台北當代藝術館,在國內藝術界長期的關注之下,於二00一年五月正式璀璨開館,而這也是台灣第一座以推廣當代藝術為宗旨的美術館。 ”
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