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Waterfall Savica

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May 31, 2019
One of Slovenia’s greatest waterfalls. To reach the waterfall it’s a roughly 30 minutes walk up a thickly forested slope. The waterfall itself drops a towering 78m into a large water sink, which is located at an altitude of 500m. An inspirational sight, it has often been written about by well-known…
Antonija And Vitomir
Antonija And Vitomir
November 16, 2019
Waterfall Savica is possibly the most famous and the most beautiful and dramatic waterfall in Slovenia. Some say it is ‘too touristy’, but there is a reason a place is ‘too touristy’ and that reason is because the place is so incredibly beautiful. Why should not as many people as possible enjoy it?
Janusa And Katja
Janusa And Katja
November 5, 2015
Possibly the most beautiful and dramatic waterfall in Slovenia. Some say it is too touristy, but there is a reason a place is too touristy and that reason is because it is so incredibly beautiful.
March 16, 2016
Bohinj Lake has numerous inflows, the most important one is the Savica.The Savica runs over 38 m long level and falls almost 51 m deep. Total difference in height is 78 m.
January 28, 2020
A dramatic spectacular waterfall....
Katja And Marija
Katja And Marija
February 11, 2020
Savica Waterfall is located at the far end of Lake Bohinj. It is considered to be the most famous and the most scenic waterfall in Slovenia. Some might say it is too touristy and crowded, but hey, there is a reason a place is too touristy and that reason is because the place is so breathtakingly…
August 19, 2015
The Savica Waterfall is one of, if not, the most famous waterfall in Slovenia
September 10, 2019
Only 1 hour walk away from the property you can find the third most visited attraction in Slovenia. A spectacular waterfall, hidden amidst the steep walls of the Komarča. The Savica Waterfall is the source of the Sava Bohinjka, known under the name of Savica to the spot where it flows into Lake…

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“Mostnica Gorge or Korita Mostnice as it is called in Slovene is a 2 km gorge carved by the Mostnica stream. The gorge is located in the Voje Valley near the Stara Fuzina village, about two kilometres northeast of Lake Bohinj.It's one of the most beautiful natural wonders in the Lake Bohinj area. A great place to start exploring this extraordinary gorge is the village of Stara Fuzina, where you pass the Zois mansion right up to Devil?s Bridge. There?s a trail not far from the bridge that leads through a forest, where you can see the gorge. Along the gorge you can observe interesting and very beautiful creations of nature like pools and waterfalls. It's amazing what nature can do. It's a photography enthusiast's paradise. The most photographed spot in the Mostnica gorge is a hollow rock called the Little Elephant. The gorge is two kilometres long and was carved by the Mostnica stream. The hike in both directions takes about an hour and a half and is quite easy, not strenuous at all. ”
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Ski Area
“1700 meters high, stunning views, excellent nature and good food in cottages”
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“HUGE portions, cheap pices! Must visit when in Bohinj area! Highly recommend, only when you are not on the diet :)”
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“Lake Bohinj is Slovenia`s largest glacial lake and it’s about half an hour drive from Bled. It is located inside Triglav National Park and surrounded by the majestic mountains of the Julian Alps. It’s a beautiful peaceful place to rest and unwind as you breathe in the fresh air and enjoy the beauty of the untouched nature in the Triglav National Park. If you like nature this is one of the best places to visit in Slovenia. ”
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“Alpine lakes, majestic mountains, green valleys, beautiful rivers, spectacular waterfalls, attractive gorges, lush green pastures, sweeping vistas and more. The Triglav National Park has it all. It is the only Slovenian national park and one of the oldest European parks (established in 1981). It covers 4% of the entire Slovenia (880 square kilometers), almost across the entire area of the Julian Alps. The specific feature is its dynamic intact nature and its richness of vegetation and numerous endangered animals. Not so far from the city bustle and only about 10 minutes drive from Bled you can enjoy in the pure and intact nature.”
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