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Margaret's Café e Nata

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December 10, 2013
One of the best Portugese egg tarts in town. Other stuff from their bakery is just as awesome.
December 2, 2015
著名葡撻 Famous egg tart
Alice & Steve
Alice & Steve
December 6, 2015
Most Authentic and best tasting Portuguese Egg tarts in Town.
November 22, 2015
Famous for its Egg Tarts.

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“Great bar with live music inside the MGM casino, called the Lion Bar, Check it out”
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Historic Site
“In the 16th century, Macau was home to the first Western-style university in eastern Asia, St. Paul's College. In 1835, the school and the neighboring Church of Mater Dei burned, leaving what is collectively known as the Ruins of St. Paul's, though the most notable feature is the church's towering facade and its graceful fusion of Eastern art and Western architecture. This symbol of the city's multicultural character and heritage is open to the public daily. 十六世紀期間,澳門成立了遠東地區一所西式大學-聖保祿學院。1835年,該學院連同其附屬聖保祿教堂被大火燒毀,只剩下教堂最具代表性的正面前壁,成為了聖保祿教堂遺址。有見於石壁融合了中式藝術元素及西式建築風格,因而將其稱之為大三巴牌坊,成為澳門多元文化的象徵。這座歷史遺跡現於每日對外開放,歡迎旅客參觀遊覽。 ”
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Place of Worship
“The A-Ma Temple not only predates the city of Macau, but it might also have given the place its name! According to legend, Portuguese sailors misheard "A-Ma-Gau", or bay of A-Ma, goddess of seafarers and fishermen, as "Macau", and history was made. Built in 1488, during the Ming Dynasty, it is the oldest and most famous temple in the city, with pavilions for the worship of Taoist, Buddhist, and folk deities. 媽閣廟建於明朝(1488年),廟內供奉道教、佛教等多個神祇。媽閣廟不但是澳門最古老的現存廟宇,甚至可能是澳門葡文名字「Macau」的出處。傳說當年葡萄牙人登陸澳門時,向當地居民查問這裡的地方名字,居民卻回答說是「媽閣」,結果因緣際會下,葡萄牙人就把澳門直接音譯為「Macau」。 ”
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“免费赌场接驳车來回港澳码头或关闸 Free express shuttle to/from HK Ferry terminal or China border. ”
  • Recommandé par 2 habitants
“Very popular department store for visitors with a large range of original brands”
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